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Katia Negri aka Pinklady out form Milan – Italy, is one of the most renown Djane in France, in Switzerland, the UK
and Germany. She has shared the Decks with notable talents such as Chris Bekker DJ-PRODUCER from renown
Label Vandit.

Actually She is on a regular rotation on several Radio Stations in Switzerland and France.
Her Professional Musical journey kicked in Year 2009 and her first break came with her very first Release the
Single “Body Language” entering the Italian Pop Charts. Later that year she released the Album”We Are
Famous” featuring the hit Track “Bad Girl” and followed up with another Single “Bailando Con Ti” dedicated to
Children with down syndrome, which created such a buzz, that it was picked up for a program by RAI TV a main
Italian Television Station.
In 2010, she travels to Zurich, and debuts with Pino Quaresima, from PINOMUSIC a label based in Switzerland
and collaborate on some projects with him. She also releases a new single “Touch My Body” which has been
included on various top Swiss and French Music Compilations. Later that year she produces the “PINK SUNSET
COMPILATION” dedicated to the International Electro – House Community. Her rise and recognition eventually
get her featured in the International renown “Street Parade” in Zurich, Switzerland which amasses over 1
Million Party goers. And subsequently the following years, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
The Year 2011 her Singles “Face to Face” and “Game of Love” are taken for Televised Fashion shows in
Switzerland and France. That year she gets booked to the “My Special Car” an Italian Car Show where she
introduced her Video Clip from “Face To Face” and performs a DJ-Set as well. By end of the Year she is invited to
perform along side “The New Angels” in Monaco and is officially introduced as the DJ, Producer and Remixer of
the song “Singapore”.

Becoming more and more an Italian House Hold DJ-Producer, she participate at the Palazzo Visconti – Milan, At
the World renown Gioia Moratti's Anniversary event and in the presence of the entire Moratti Family including
the Inter Milan Soccer President, Maurizio Moratti.
Then follows the entrance to the Consulate of Ecuador where she performs a live set in a Haute Couture
fashion show, held at the National Journal “IL Sole 24 ore”, where she received a certificate as "the first lady DJ
for Ecuador".

In 2012 she performs at the Zurich Pride Festival.
In 2013 she joins the Label Milestone Records LTD and releases “Dancing On The Moonlight”,
“Believe In Me” and “Will You Please Me”, the last two, includes remixes by renown Producers,
Gabriel Wheel and Graziano Fanelli from Radio Studio Piu.

Finally after have toured and worked everywhere Pinklady returns to Italy in 2014 and performs at FIM Fiera
International 2014 Awards Event In Genoa and returns in 2015 at the FIM DJ Festival Genoa.
The Year 2016 Pinklady is busy touring in all top Venues and Clubs, in France and on the Reunion Island.

Back from her Yearlong tour she returns to Zurich in 2017 and produces an 11 tracks full length Album titled
“Was A Small Town Girl” A self reflection and story of hers, expressed in various electronic sounds and gems.
Djane Pinklady popularity comes from her Fabulous Stage Presence, excellent DJ-Skills and Flair in her Music

In 2018 Djane Pinklady participates in the F***ME I'M FAMOUS! event in Mykonos


Single/ Ep & Album

2009 – BODY LANGUAGE (Label Pieronero Italy)
2009 – WE ARE FAMOUS (Album) (Label Pieronero Italy)
2010 – FACE TO FACE (Label Pinomusic Publishing Zurich)
2010 – GAME OF LOVE (Label Pinomusic Publishing Zurich)
2010 – TOUCH MY BODY (Label Pinomusic Publishing Zurich)
2012 – DANCING ON THE MOONLIGHT (Label Milestone Records London)
2012 – BELIEVE IN ME (Label Milestone Records London)
2017 – WAS A SMALL TOWN GIRL (Album) (Label Pinomusic Publishing Zurich)
2018 – FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT (Label Pinomusic Publishing Zurich)
2018 – THE POWER OF LIGHT (Label Power Of Love Florida/USA)
2018 – HERE I AM (Ep) (Label Power Of Love Florida/USA)
2018 - ADVENTURER (Ep) (Label Power Of Love Florida/USA)

2019 - REASON  (Label Pinomusic Publishing Zurich)


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Studio Negri
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Office Phone +39 (0)382.400.490

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Management | MWW Management Los Angeles
Agent | Angie Seegers |
Mobile - +1 323.448.0446
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